Schools back so watch your speed around schools!

At Excel Drive we understand that children are our most vulnerable road users and to address this road safety issue school speed zones with lower speed limits were introduced in 2003.

Motorists should be aware that children in traffic are not like adults. They can be unpredictable and because they are small, they can be hard to see. So take extra care and slow down when you drive past any school. More >

Common faults with driving on the road

Speeding and Safety

Speeding increases crashes

Exceeding the speed limit increases the likelihood of a crash. In poor driving conditions, a crash is more likely if you drive at an inappropriate speed. The speed limit is the maximum allowable speed, but sometimes it is necessary to travel below the speed limit to stay safe.
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Winter is here so we have compiled some tips on driving safely in wet weather!

When driving in rain or when the road is wet your ability to stop will be reduced. In such conditions stopping distance will increase by a factor of two.  To compensate for this reduce your speed and increase the distance between you and any vehicle in front.

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Too fast, too young – has teen driving become worse?

With thanks to & Damien Leith for this content

I was sitting at traffic lights the other day making my way to a gig in the Hunter Valley. It was lashing rain and the weather was terrible – you could barely see the road up ahead let alone the other traffic. More >

Driver Fatigue & Road Safety

Almost everyone knows that driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a deadly combination. However, few people seem to realize the danger associated with driving while fatigued. In fact, drivers who become drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel contribute to thousands of crashes each year. More >

Think, Dont DRINK….& Get Behind The Wheel!

One of the rites of passage into adulthood is learning to drive and getting your driver’s license.  Doing so allows you the freedom to come and go as you please, without having to rely on your parents to get you where you need to go. What many young drivers fail to understand is the great level of responsibility that comes with getting your license and your first car.

It’s not just keeping up with maintenance and insurance payments, but also making sure that the driving lessons and instructor you choose are of a quality that will allow you to make a seamless transition from passenger to driver’s seat. More >