Every sixteen year old must ask themselves a question once they get their learners’.  Should I practice driving with my parents before taking professional driving lessons?  The answer?   NO!  You might think mum and dad are good drivers;  they will certainly tell you so.  The sad truth is they, like just about every adult on the road, have bad driving habits.  In all probability their driving sins are minor, things you probably never noticed when you were riding along in the back as a kid.  Maybe they accelerate the car too fast from a stop, or perhaps they roll through stop signs.  If you let your parents begin your driving education, you will quickly pick up those bad habits, and your inexperience behind the wheel will only exaggerate those flaws.

“Hold on just a minute,” you say.  “Aren’t you making a big deal out of nothing, just trying to get me to buy your service?  Accelerating the car too quickly or rolling through stops signs might not be the greatest behavior, but I know better than that, and besides, it’s not like anyone is going to get hurt!”

Wrong and wrong again!  First of all, the examples above were just hypothetical, who knows what your parents negative driving behaviors really are.  You probably don’t.  For the sake of argument though, let’s say you do.  Just knowing the behavior in question is a problem will not save you from adopting it, if you are taking all of your driving cues from and being critiqued by someone with that bad habit.  More likely than not you will never notice a problem, and so annoy other drivers and pedestrians for the rest of your life, or maybe even cause an accident.

That’s right, an accident.  You say no one could get injured by my bad behavior examples, but think for a moment.  What if as you are rolling through that stop sign, a child jumps out in front of you?  That’s a dire scenario, but unfortunately all too possible.  And it is not just people you need to worry about, what about your own car?  Accelerating quickly from a stop is hard on the engine and will put your car in the workshop unnecessarily early if you make a habit of it.

Why not avoid all of that unpleasantness altogether?   Start learning with a certified, high quality instructor who will nip any driving problems in the bud.  At Excel Drive our instructors know the road rules inside and out, and are extremely knowledgeable with current road law requirements.  They will make sure that you become  a low risk driver with only good habits and a working knowledge of the rules and etiquette of Australia’s roads.