Perceived as difficult, but one of the easiest techniques to master is the art of reverse parking.  People see this as the most intimidating portion of the driving exam and is still the most widely mishandled driving maneuver for even the most seasoned drivers.  And if you are reverse parking on a steep incline, the process can bring tears to your eyes!

The best advice that can be given is to simply take your time.  Many driving students are of the opinion that once they pass their drivers license, they will simply choose to never reverse park again.  This can prove challenging and nearly impossible in most Australian city streets.   Just as in most other skills in life, reverse parking can be easily achieved with a little extra practice and a bit of gumption.

  • Whenever possible, ensure that the space in which you are trying to reverse park is a minimum of one and a half car lengths long.  This is an excellent rule of thumb until you have completed your driving lessons and have learned how to fine tune your parking skills.
  • Before you engage the vehicle into reverse gear, make sure to look around you in all directions (360 degrees) to make certain that nothing is in your way.  Take your time.  Ignore honking vehicles that are trying to rush you.
  • Prior to backing into the space, pull up to the car next to you, approximately one arms length away allowing you enough room to maneuver.  Line the rear of the parked car with your side window.  Start reversing on left lock.  About halfway into the space and once the front end of your automobile is aligned with the vehicle in front of you, right lock.

You are now ready to engage into first gear and straighten your vehicle.  Take your time, check your blind spots, and do your best.  An Excel Drive trainer can teach you to park easily, without any pressure, in one lesson.

Practice makes perfect!

ED Team