Everyone knows that you have to move over for emergency vehicles, or do they?  Some people may have never received the correct training and don’t fully understand the importance of moving over to the side of the road to let emergency vehicles pass, possibly saving a life in the process.   If a driver is in the path of an approaching police or emergency vehicle that is displaying flashing lights or sounding an alarm, the driver must move out of the path of the vehicle in a controlled manner as soon as the driver can do so safely.

The move over laws are intended to help emergency vehicles move through the traffic and to get to the location of the ill or injured patient at a much faster rate.  An authorised emergency service vehicle driver doesn’t swerve and weave through traffic, they stay in the right hand lane and wait for people to get over and out of the way, it’s the only safe way.

When you encounter an emergency vehicle with flashing lights or sirens  – don’t panic!  Stay calm and check where the vehicle is coming from.  Give way by merging left when safe to do so.  If you can’t move left safely you should slow down or stop and let the emergency vehicle overtake you.   Don’t’ speed up or try to outrun the vehicle.

The entire purpose of this exercise is to give the emergency vehicle a clear and direct pathway through the traffic so that they can make it to their destination much more smoothly and faster.  Until the vehicle has moved out of the vicinity and passed your car safely, you may not move back into traffic.

Moving over for emergency vehicles is mandatory.  If drivers do not receive the correct training, they might break the law without even being aware.  But ignorance of the law is not excuse.  You will still be reprimanded with a fine and loss of demerit points if you do not give way to an emergency vehicle.

Stay safe on the roads and help the emergency community help those that need their services.

ED Team