One of the rites of passage into adulthood is learning to drive and getting your driver’s license.  Doing so allows you the freedom to come and go as you please, without having to rely on your parents to get you where you need to go. What many young drivers fail to understand is the great level of responsibility that comes with getting your license and your first car.

It’s not just keeping up with maintenance and insurance payments, but also making sure that the driving lessons and instructor you choose are of a quality that will allow you to make a seamless transition from passenger to driver’s seat.

The problem that many people face in that age range is that they are still in a period of their life where partying and having fun is still very much at the top of their list of priorities. There is nothing wrong with blowing off a little steam and enjoying yourself, but getting behind the wheel of a car after doing so is something that puts your life, as well as that of other people on the road, in real danger.

A glaring statistic[1] is that almost half of the people killed in car crashes were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  What that means is that the vast majority of those deaths would likely have been avoided if those substances had been taken out of the equation.  Another alarming statistic shows that the 16-24 year old age group was the one most likely to be involved in accidents where drugs and alcohol played a part.

What the stats don’t show is just how many of the people involved in those tragic accidents were enrolled in driving school of some kind before getting their license.  Even if the records showed that they had been, there is more to know about driving than just learning the street signs and the basic controls of the car.  You also need to learn how to react in certain situations, which is one of the fields where Excel Drive’s highly qualified instructors stand out above the rest.

Even if you follow all the rules of the road and don’t get behind the wheel under the influence, there are still going to be plenty of people that do.  Being able to react in situations where one of the drivers is heading your way can save lives, not just your own.  If you are thinking about getting your driver’s license, you should take a look at getting driving lessons from the Excel Drive School.  We will teach you all you need to know to be a safe and confident driver on the road and defensive driving skills that can save you from becoming a statistic.

So, any thoughts?….Let us know what you think?

Excel Drive Team

[1]  Website: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) website