There are so many driving schools to choose from, how will you know which one is right for you?  If you’re searching for cheap driving lessons then you’re probably looking at deals like $39 an hour or a really cheap package. You’re about to learn how you save much more than taking lessons with a poor quality driving school.

Why cheap lessons can cost you more money
You need to be careful of ‘çheap quality’ lessons.  Many driving schools have boring instructors or instructors who yell at you or just plainly can’t communicate well. This makes it very difficult to learn and you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

What’s the answer?
You can ask the driving instructor for a and two hour lessons to start with.  That should give you enough time to decide if the instructor is right for you. Taking driving lessons with Excel Drive you’ll get great instructors, great value, great results.

The most effective way to learn to drive
Everybody learns at a different pace.  We teach as fast as you can learn, however, some people will take longer than others – not because of their ability but because of how they structure the time they have to take lessons. If you take a 2 hour lesson, you’ll need fewer hours to pass your driving test than one hour a week because you’re not forgetting what was covered the previous lesson.  You retain more knowledge and waste less time going over the same ground again to bring you back to the level you were at on the previous driving lesson.

It costs $$$$ to fail
Many learner drivers will fail their driving test because they’re going into the test not fully prepared.  Driving lessons with Excel Drive’s awesome driving instructors will work with you to help you get ready for passing your driver licence test.  Three more steps to help you PASS.

  1. Take (and pass) a mock driving test so you’re less likely to feel the pressure on the actual day of your licence test.
  2. Make sure you qualify for the Excel Drive “First Time Pass Guarantee”
  3. Make sure you are driving without assistance on your lessons in the run up to taking your driving test – you will take the license test more confidently.

Our instructors will

  • Give you valuable feedback when taking Excel Drive lessons, this will help when you’re on the road with your parents.
  • Allow parents to sit in on lessons so they will be able to teach you more effectively.